Studio Algorhythmics is a studio-lab for experimental and diffractive (media) design

Studio Algorhythmics is a studio-lab, a continuation of an older project called “Institute for Algorhythmics” founded in 2008. The outputs of Studio Algorhythmics consist basically of works, which are to a greater degree results of practice-based experimentations.

It started originally as an alternative pratice-based project of "Algorhythmisiert", a PhD-Thesis published in 2013 in German language. In-depth going articles in English language on the notion of algorhythmics can be read here.

Algorhythm is a word combination of ALGORITHM and RHYTHM. An algorithm is a finite sequence of step-by-step instructions, a procedure for solving a problem, often used in computers as programms or in everyday life as cooking recipes. Rhythm on the otherside is defined as a time based order of movement. Algorhythms occur when real matter and energy fluctuations are controlled by abstract symbolic structures like instructions written as code.