Almost any electronic communication device can be transformed into a generator of sound, rhythms and melodies. Likewise are we surrounded by digitally coded electromagnetic infospheres. “Detektors” initiated together with Martin Howse was conceived as a website (now offline) with a cartography of user-generated geolocational sound recordings, logs and walks, which reveal these hidden electromagnetic geographies, spaces and topologies of our urban areas; and a database and catalog of sonic studies of electromagnetic emissions produced by our everyday electronic devices.

“Detektors” was an open, collaborative project which used sonic strategies and DIY-devices to make audible the hidden infoscapes of our time.

The detektor hardware is designed to record emissions under a wide range of (signal) conditions. An operational amplifier circuit amplifies induced current within a small coil of wire to detect highly localised, nearfield low frequency emissions. An Analog Devices AD8313 Logarithmic Detector chip demodulates and amplifies wide band higher frequency signals which are extend widely through space. The device uses 3 small AAAA/Mini battery, and a headphone amplifier is also included to monitor either of the two signals.

> Sept 2nd-30th 2012, Listening to Singaporean Infospheres, National University of Singapore, Art/Science Residency 2012.
> 20-22 Jan. 2012, Field Effect, NK Projekt, Berlin.
> 1-2 Dec. 2011, Radio Mycelium, foam, Brussels.
> 4-5th Feb. 2011, Inductive City, in collaboration with Patrick Harrop, Aaron Simoes and Anthony Neustaedter, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.
> 29th Oct. 2010, listen to your gadgets! – audifying EM-emissions of electronic devices, 29th Oct. 2010, D.A.T.A. (Science Gallery), Dublin, Ireland.

> 27th Nov. 2011, Tracing Mobility: Cartography and Migration in Networked Space, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin.
> 28 Sept. 2011, Viennese Symptoms, Coded Cultures, Vienna.
> 5th of Feb. 2011, Urban Areas as Trans-sonic Infospheres”, remote/live video streamed paper presentation, „Mediated Cities, Atmosphere 2011“, Winnepeg, Canada.
> 30th Oct. 2010, detektors. mapping infospheres by listening – “Spectrum” in collaboration with CTVR (Trinity College Dublin) and Darklight (Filmfestival), Grand Social, Dublin.
> 24th August 2010, ISEA conference Ruhr 2010, Sonic Strategies, Dortmund.
> 23rd July 2010, Interferenze, Bisaccia, Italy.